Merry Christmas!

Better late than never right…right?? Merry Christmas!

I hope you’re all spending time with people you love and giving yourself a moment to do what you like to do. We sure are! My family’s in a constant rotation of cooking, eating, cards – it gets serious – running and cooking again.

One note about being late this holiday season (am I always this behind?!): Holiday cards are appreciated whenever you can send them. I mean, it’s great to have them out before the 25th (like, ideal) but if you’re a little behind (like me) know that it makes people feel special to get your card in the mail, even if they don’t get it until the 30th. Just a thought.IMG_4118

Back to food. Priorities.

Every family has a different take on this season and the food that goes with it. I would LOVE to hear about your favorite holiday meals! Leave a comment and let me know!

Can’t wait to share what I’m learning with you next week!! Think healthy, think so so so good…

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