Nice to meet you


I’m Jessie and I’m so glad you’re here.

So let’s be real with each other. We want to be healthy, feel good right? (Skinny jeans are not the fad I thought they were going to be). But we also want the Share Size all to ourselves, on the reg.

Truth 1: a Share Size on the reg takes its toll.

Truth 2: You can eat so much more – actually get full and feel fit from foods crammed with nutrients. They don’t have to be superfoods. You don’t have to grind your own almond flour. Tasty, filling meals exist without going full health nut.

Truth 3: This blog is about eating, for real.

In real life I’m a broadcast news producer. Glamorous, yes, but not always – kind of like cooking. Sometimes you just have to get something on the plate.

Home is now Washington, D.C., but forever Ivy, VA.

I hope my posts make you smile, help you relax and encourage you to try something new without trying to be something new. I’ll do my best to convince you of the comfort and art that is cooking and craving what you eat. Honestly.


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