Peppermint Coffee

IMG_3558It’s Friday! Treat yourself with this not-too-sweet peppermint coffee. Recipe in a moment.

I want to say a quick thank you for spending your time reading my stories and (hopefully!) trying out some of my recipes. I launched ladylivinglocal a little more than a week ago, and your support has been exciting! Plus – I’m having a ton of fun!!

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What you’ll need:


brewed coffee
peppermint candy cane
whipped cream

Just put the candy cane into the coffee and then top with a *little whipped cream. The hardest part about this one, is not breaking the candy cane (after 3 tries, I moved on and used broken pieces).

I find this is such a treat. It’s not super sweet or heavy. It won’t leave you feeling guilty or gross.

Shopping list for next week, in a few hours. Check back in!

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